May 1, 2013

Our ancestors were wussies

Our ancestors were weak.old fart

They were lame.

They were boring.

They could barely think.

They couldn’t even come up with a car much less something like the Internet or email.

I mean…DUH!

Why didn’t they just start out with WordPress blogs instead of futzing around with the printing press.


So boring.

Then to top it off they were all smaller, weaker and couldn’t even live to an average age of 50.

I mean COME ON!

Why are we so nostalgic when our ancestors were so clearly inferior?

I’m getting sick of all the praise heaped on the previous generations. I mean really. Did they come up with the George Foreman Grill? Or P90x? Or even Instagram?

Nope. Nope. And Nope.

They definitely did not even conceive of the New Technology of Success.

Enough said. I think I’ve proven my point.

Talk soon,
Matt “Stronger Than Grandpa” Trainer

P.S. OK so you should really come check out Michael Bernoff’s New Technology of Success.

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He teaches a very cool way to get more done in 5 days than you get done in 5 months. That part alone is worth getting on the call.

And oh yeah, you’ll learn why your brain is holding you back from making all the money you’ve ever wanted.

Pretty much like our wussie ancestors.

So don’t be like them. Go get registered and learn how to not be weak and lame.


Matt Trainer

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