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…and then I launched my own secret society.

So there I was, staring at the gun. It was pointed at my face.

“How rude!” I thought to myself. But inside I was shaking with fear.

“This is really gonna hurt,” I heard myself say.

The guy holding the gun just laughed.

Wow, not good.

I gotta get out of here.

———Fast forward three years———>

My life has been a whirlwind in the last three years.

– Major mid-life crisis. Check.

– Divorce. Check.

– Nearly completely destroyed business. Check.

– Depression and suicidal. Check.

– Gratitude, finding and loving myself, new awesome relationship, exploding business, awesome life…

Check, check and check.

Yep it’s been a wild and awesome ride.

As I look back on the day when the gun was pointed my face, I see a major missed opportunity.

But if I didn’t have the last three crazy years I wouldn’t have even seen that day as pivotal.

“Wait, what? A gun shoved in your face isn’t pivotal?”

I know I hear you. Seems like it should be.

But at the time it just wasn’t. I was so engulfed in self-hatred at the time I couldn’t see incredible things right in front of me. I was living in a serious mental fog.

That day was pivotal because that was the day I decided to launch my own secret society.

I’ve studied secret societies for most of my life. It all started when I was a very young. My dad gave me a book titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” I was immeditately hooked and since that time I’ve studied all these “secret societies” in extreme depth.

From that time forward I’ve hated how those secret societies and the REAL one-percenters run the world at our expense.

But then three years ago I had a brilliant plan. Why not start my own?

My good friend Doug Allen and I concocted the whole thing. It was an amazing plan…until…

…I lost my freakin’ mind and went off the deep end.

But now I’m back and better than ever and I’m launching that secret society now!


This society is called “The Automati.” (Guess its not secret anymore. Damn.)

You’ll hear a lot more about it in the coming days and how you can join.

Stay tuned,

Matt “Illuminati Copier” Trainer

P.S. OK this is the “PS” part of the post where I give sidebar comments. I can’t think of anything today but I did find this cool video.

Really brings back old memories…  🙂

Yes the gun story is true.

The rest of that story coming in next email…

Stay tuned.



What’s going well?

In today’s world most people only focus on the negative.abundance_or_scarcity_your_choice_131479508

The “missing” pieces.

The “scary” stuff.

The stress-causing crap around us every day.

I just had to stop today and say, “Why is that?”

My belief is that 90% of that mindset comes from our mass media.

Mass media is all negative, especially the news.

Just stop watching that crap. They only put out the crap they do because it gets people watching.

Frank Kern once called it the “Rubberneck Effect.”

People would MUCH rather watch car crashes than traffic flying down the highway successfully. The mass media knows this and manipulates your psychology so they can sell more ad space. I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off.

I wholeheartedly do not believe this is “human nature” as many claim.

I believe its “human nurture.”

Meaning, most of us are raised from birth in a small-thinking, scarcity mindset world.

That is all a lie but we buy into it because the “dark side” is so much easier to buy into.

The TRUTH is that the world has EXTREME abundance.

More than you can even wrap your mind around even at your most positive.

So let me ask you this:
What’s working really well in your life?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,
Matt “Abundance Thinking” Trainer

P.S. In case you are wondering, I have a LOT of things working really well in my life.

– I recently got engaged to the most incredible woman I’ve ever met

– My dog just responded really well to a brutal infection and surgery

– I’m launching the biggest project of my life over the next few weeks that’s going to change Internet marketing in a huge way.

– I’m no longer living my life in depression and fear.

– My health is awesome!

– You are reading my emails! Thanks for that. I have immense gratitude for you.

Here’s a positive video for you (ok its not THAT positive but you will laugh your ass off).


Death is good for you

Death is good for youWARNING:  This blog post is not for the faint of heart. It’s crazy. It doesn’t make any sense. Most will say I’m crazy or full of shit. It is what it is. Believe it or not, what you are about to read is all true.

Gasping for breath…

Not finding any…

My life is flashing before my eyes. In my soul I know I’m just minutes away from death if I can’t get some air in my lungs.

I’m drowning internally.

—Three Months Previously—

Walking out from the mastermind meeting I was shaking my head.

A good friend showed me a wild internet business idea he had.
I told him he’s crazy to mess with it. It’s too on the edge to be viable, much less sustainable.

Besides, it’s “black hat”. I usually dismiss those ideas outright.

Black hat usually means its against terms of service to some company like Google.

More importantly, black hat tactics don’t create win-win situations.

But over those last three months my friend went on the bank some ridiculous profits from his “crazy” idea.

He tells me that he’s averaging over $10k a day in profit and hardly looks at it. And the best part, it’s creating win-win-win situations for everyone involved.

Now I’m intrigued…

As I laid there on what I had firmly come to believe was my death bed, it hit me.

I hadn’t been living life on my terms.

As I struggled to breathe I realized at that moment that life is for living and I’m gonna live it. If I come out of this insane respiratory failure I’m changing things.

Time to make some shit happen.

Time to stop playing small.

—Present Day—

I’m staring at the numbers and I just can’t believe them. This is the biggest business deal of my life. This will net me seven figures a month. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. I’ve hit the mother lode.

After surviving the worst case of pneumonia that my doctor had ever seen, I’m changing things up.

Being that close to death changed me. I now firmly believe that death is a good thing. It makes us appreciate life. It makes us strive to leave this world a better place. It gives us extreme focus.

So extreme we invent arbitrary things to mark our existence here on earth.

Think about this. If we didn’t die, would time exist? I say no.

Time is an illusion that only appears to exist because we die. We are all quietly counting down until we pass away. If we didn’t die, why would we even care what time it was?  We wouldn’t. The concept wouldn’t even make sense.

There is nothing but now. The present.

There is nothing else. So live in it.

I hear you…

You are saying, “So what? What in the world does this have to do with making money on the Internet?”

Only this…

You will die one day.

Make sure you’ve lived.

Take opportunities when they come.

On my “death bed” I realized that I’ve pissed away MANY opportunities and ideas. I’ve played small because I’ve been concerned about what other people will think.

Not anymore. Death motivated me. Death is good for us.

So I have a crazy idea.

I have a lot of crazy ideas.

This one is particularly crazy.


Because no one will believe it.

The old saying – “If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.” – has really screwed up any new idea including the Internet.

So at risk of being thought “crazy” or “weird” or “out there”…

…I’m not hesitating with this one.

I’m just going for it.

Here’s the main idea:

I’ve come up with a way to do affiliate marketing that’s 100% automated and makes money on EVERY campaign.

How many times have you created campaign after campaign with only one out of 10 or 20 creating profit?

I figured out a crazy way around it.

This idea would be considered “black hat” by some that don’t understand. But it’s not. It only APPEARS to be.

Here’s the wildest part. It makes 1000’s of dollars a day in profit…completely hands free. All you did is sit back and watch the money roll in. You LITERALLY don’t have to do anything. You do NOTHING and the money just gets deposited into your bank account.

Interested? You should be.

Here’s the gist:
– Make big money without doing a damn thing
– Upside is unlimited
– No experience required
– No paid traffic to deal with
– No traffic AT ALL to deal with
– No campaigns to give you migraines
– No website needed
– No money needed either!
– Literally NO WORK required

I know it sounds hypey and completely unbelievable but it’s completely true.

I’m calling it:
“Automated CPA Income”

Here’s all you need to make it work:
– CPA network account(s)
– Some sort of business entity that’s tied to the CPA network account
– A bank account in the business name for the CPA accounts to deposit profits into

That’s it! Seriously.

You SHOULD be saying in your head, “Yeah right!”

I would too. This sounds completely ludicrous.

But it’s not I assure you.

Here’s the deal. I have created and perfected a way to make this work and I need people to partner with me.


Because of strategic relationships I’ve created, I now have more leads and traffic than I can handle. I’m currently forced to shut down campaigns because I can’t put any more leads into my existing accounts. I’m losing out on 10s of thousands of dollars EVERY day because I can’t handle all the traffic and leads.

It’s a good problem to have but still sucks.

Simply put, I need more CPA network accounts to send traffic, leads and sales to.

So if you are sick of doing actual work and just want to make money without doing a damn thing, then click this link to apply to partner with me.

If we are a match then we can get on the phone and I’ll give you the details.

My team and I do all the work and you just collect a portion of the profits.

Click this link to apply (Sorry this is closed and won’t be reopened.)

Life is for living.

So get crazy. Get motivated and swing hard for the fences. You WILL hit some home runs.

Automated CPA Income is one.  Apply today. (Sorry this is closed and won’t be reopened.)

Talk soon,
Matt “Off His Friggin’ Rocker” Trainer

P.S. I realize this email sounds really nutso and uses language you only hear on the worst bizop sales letters.

I only wish I could hype it more because it’s very real.

I need more CPA network accounts to send traffic, leads and sales to. It’s worth several million a year and I’m not just going to sit by and let this pass.

Partner with me and make 100% Automated CPA Income.

Click here to apply (Sorry this is closed and won’t be reopened.)

No money needed


Likes are for losers

Likes Are For Losers

So you built a facebook fan page with thousands of “Likes”.


…you wasted your time and money.

I’ve been saying for over 3 years that facebook “likes” are for losers.

Its just masturbation in the end.

Go try to spend likes and see what it gets you. I’m sure your girlfriend will be impressed with your goofy number of likes but it’s total BS unless you do something about it.

On last night’s training Peter Parks agreed with me and told everyone exactly what to do with their fan pages to remedy that situation.

Here’s the real deal, if you don’t take the steps that Peter and I have been preaching then within the next year you will be HOSED by facebook.

So don’t come crying to me if you don’t heed this warning.

Go here now to see the replay of the $100k a day facebook training.

Stop creating bullshit “likes” and start creating WEALTH.

Check out the facebook training replay here

It gets taken down on Monday 23rd Dec midnight PST.

Talk soon,
Matt “Lots O’ Likes” Trainer

P.S. In tomorrow’s email I’ll tell the story of why one of the world’s most famous businessmen is at WAR with facebook. His insight is worth millions to those that listen. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

For now, check out the training replay before it gets taken down.

Yep it’s here >>>


Shiny objects from hell

These days 99% of all Internet marketing training is CRAP.shiny object


Only 3% of people ever actually use the training and prosper.

It’s because most Internet marketing product sellers don’t know how to structure training properly. And sadly, most don’t REALLY care about their customers. Peter and Andrew are the 1% exception to that.

And in just a couple hours they are going to be teaching LIVE how they have generated over $10 million via facebook and clickbank in over 100 niches.

They will be teaching how to do $100k a day like Peter does.

We get started in just two hours. Be there.

Training Date: TODAY, December 19th, 2013
Training Time: 5 PM EST
Registration Link

Yes of course there will be a product promoted at the end.
But don’t let that stop you from getting some awesome training from these guys.

I’ve seen what they have and it’s incredible.
It SHOULD be the standard for all Internet marketing training.

It’s THAT good.

See you on the training.

P.S. Today I’ve got NOTHING for you people that always scroll to the P.S. Just stop it and read the damn post!  🙂

P.P.S. OK I’ll put another registration link here

December 18, 2013

Crazy numbers…

I just saw stats from my buddy Peter Parks. He’s doing over $100k a day on facebook.bigdeal

That’s not a typo – $100,000 per day!

This is some gangster stuff and NOT black hat or anything scary like that.

I’ve arranged a live training you get to see the system he uses.

Who the hell would not want to see this?

And also on the call is a product launch specialist who has over $10 mill under his belt and is aiming to build a company
to $100 mill plus.

These guys don’t mess around…

Click here to sign up for the training right now and see PROOF of these numbers

Thursday 19th December at 5PM EST

This is one event you definitely don’t want to miss – it will go down in the history books

Go here now to register –>>>

Talk soon,

P.S. Yep another P.S. I have a huge bonus for this thing so get registered now here

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