February 4, 2013

Cracking The Code – Part 1

If you missed the intro to my “Cracking The Code” series go here to check it out.Money Machine

This is Part 1 of the series on how to setup these simple little money machines.

Each money machine, once set up, can by fully automated and bring in automated cash flow each and every month for a very long time. Done right each one should bring in $5-10k/mo. To make more money just create another one.

Let’s get into it.

I’ve often taught that the formula for success on the Internet is as follows:

Traffic + Copy + Product = $$$$

That’s great and all and I’ve taught each one of those extensively. But it’s simply too general. Each one of the parts of that formula are DEEP subjects requiring THOUSANDS of hours of training to really get it down. That’s not fast enough.

So let’s skip all that and get very specific. Here’s the overall system for each one of these cash machines:

Paid Traffic + Story Telling + Affiliate Product = $$$

That’s WAY more specific.

I’m gonna teach the formula starting with Affiliate Product. None of the other things matter unless you have a product to promote to a specific audience.

You need to find a hyper-responsive audience to promote a product to. There are THOUSANDS of hyper-responsive niches to go after. That’s what makes this system so great. You can scale to any level of profits you want.

Stick to 4 broad markets for now:
– Dating and relationships
– Fitness and weight loss
– Sports
– Health and beauty

Within those there a TONS of hyper-responsive people and millions of products to promote.

Here’s a simple rule to follow:
If there’s a magazine and Google ads for it, it’s a great niche.

So pick one of those and find a magazine for it. Take golf for example. There are lots of magazines and lots of money being spent on Google ads.

Check and check. Good to go.

Then go check out the marketplace on Clickbank.com and find a golf product with decent commission and good sales letter (skip any with video-only sales letter for now). Get an affiliate link and you are ready to move to the next step of the formula.

This step shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to complete. It’s better if you have some knowledge about the niche you choose but not 100% necessary. Don’t get bogged down in “paralysis of analysis” either. Just pick something and go.

OK go get to work. Pick ONE niche and ONE product to promote.

Tomorrow we’ll get deep into Part 2 which is all about a specific way to connect to people using story telling.

This method is SUPER simple and you don’t need ANY skills. You only have to have a mouth that works and the ability to speak. (Hell you don’t even need that. You can pay someone to speak for you.)

More on that tomorrow. Go do step one now.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2,
Matt “Cracking The Code” Trainer
P.S. The meat of this system is in the next step. It’s THE part that matters the most.

I have a simple system for connecting to people using story and that’s all that matters. When you connect to someone’s emotions they will do whatever you tell them to do.

The good news is, it’s easier than you think.

See you tomorrow.

Matt Trainer

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Jack - February 7, 2013 Reply

Hey Matt! This is some good info and I’ve been trying to crack the code for several years and make serious money online. I’d be happy with 6 figures! I’m on the edge of my seat. When will you be posting part 2?

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