The Future Of The Future

What if I was able to give you a time machine to see the future of Internet marketing?

How much would that be worth to you?

If you are like me you are then you are sick and tired of the constant latest, greatest, shiny object crap that shows up every stinking day in my inbox.

99.99999% of that crap won’t work past tomorrow even IF you could scale it.

99.99999999% of all that crap won’t even scale.

I’ve liked to think of myself of a bit of a futurist and have predicted a lot of things that are now commonplace. I could list them all but that would do nothing but fuel my ego. All you should care about is what any of this does for you.

Long story short, I have a time machine for the future of the Internet and Internet marketing.

What can you do with it? Profit. Huge.

For example:
What if I told you that Facebook and Twitter are NOT the future? Would believe me? I can prove it and I can explain EXACTLY what’s going to replace those seemingly unstoppable platforms.

What if I told you that SEO is not only dead, it never was alive? Google and its “SEO” misdirection has all been a giant game of misinformation getting everyone to waste time and resources to build what’s REALLY coming.

I know EXACTLY what that next thing is and I’m repositioning EVERYTHING to profit from it.

What if I told you that EVEN video marketing has its days numbered? (At least the way its done now.) There’s a new technology that’s gaining ground even faster than video that’s about to revolutionize the world in just a couple years. Would you like to know what that is and profit from it?

What if I told you that we have been doing Internet marketing ALL WRONG and why its dying a slow death? Everything we have been teaching and doing is wrong, me included. Its all been done with the eye towards short-term profits. Nothing wrong with that but it has set up a paradigm of roller coaster businesses that are nowhere near future proof.

So what’s the future? I’ll explain later but let’s start with a basic premise; Only one thing NEVER changes and that’s human nature. So why don’t we just build our Internet businesses around that?

“OK, what the hell are you yammering about Matt?” I hear you saying.

I know this is all very high level thinking. But, I’m about to bring it all down to a simple level. A level of actionable things you can do TODAY that will make you money now and in the future.

I’ll explain it all but its gonna take a reboot of your marketing brain and a reboot of the way you currently “see” the Internet. That’s gonna take some time but once you “see” what I see then the world will become an entirely different place.

I’m calling this series of trainings, “The Future Of The Future.”

That’s all very SciFi sounding but its done on purpose.  Technology is moving so fast. The “future” will be upon us in just a few years. We will all be doing and achieving in very different ways than we are now. Imagine how we communicated before email and cell phones. That’s how radical the shift that’s coming is going to be.

I’m ready for it and changing the way I do everything to be ready for it. You can too and it’s not that hard.
More coming soon,
Matt “Time Machine” Trainer
P.S. I TOLD you some badass P.S.’s are coming. This one is FOR SURE! 🙂

I’m holding the first webinar I’ve done in YEARS this Thursday to show you some cool new technology I’m investing heavily in.

Here’s the link to the webinar replay

The future is coming. Be ready for it.

Matt Trainer