April 13, 2013

Google Earth is a lying piece of…

Google Earth is a lying piece of…technology.GoogleEarth


What did think I was gonna say?

Get your head out of the gutter.   🙂

Now SUPPOSEDLY there is a Texas-sized island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. Here’s the problem, if there really was something that big in the middle of the ocean don’t you think it would show up on Google Earth?

Or am I being too logical? Yeah that’s gotta be it.

Because “they” wouldn’t lie about something like that would “they”? But it’s not there. I looked. I see the pyramids in Egypt. I see the Great Wall of China.

I even see the state of Texas. But not one glimpse of this ocean terror island.

So is Google Earth a liar? Or are “they” lying about all that garbage?

So what’s the truth? What’s the truth about anything for that matter? How do we really know anything we hear is real?

The only way to know for sure is to test for yourself.

Investigate for yourself.

Test. Track. Learn. Then repeat.

Take email marketing for example. I’ve been doing it the way all the gurus say to do it for years.  Even though I know I’ve gotten better at it over time, my results have gotten steadily worse. Open rates steadily falling. Click thru rates steadily dropping. Yet I still keep doing it the way we’ve all been taught.

Well “they” wouldn’t lie to us would “they”?

Recently I’ve decided to make a radical but simple change and do pretty much the opposite of everything I’ve been taught about email marketing.

I’m no longer a Kool-Aid drinker.

Since the change my open rates are up over 500%! My click thru rate (CTR) is up over 800%! My response and engagement rates are higher than I’ve seen in 5-6 years.

All because I just did things a bit differently and tested for myself.

You should do the same. With everything.

It’s the only way to know the truth.

If you want a shortcut and learn what I’m doing with email then check this out.

Talk soon,
Matt “Bullshit Detector” Trainer


Matt Trainer

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Brad Motherfucking - April 13, 2013 Reply

Um, I was wondering if I could pick your brain. I’ll buy you lunch

From Matt: So now you think you are a comedian? Keep your day job and take more NZT. 🙂

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