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Mark Cuban hates facebook

Yesterday I wrote a short email about the futility of getting “Likes” on your fan pages on Facebook.mark-cuban-leak-trophy_original

Here’s a link if you want to check it out.

I’m in good company because Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the Shark Tank, hates facebook.

Specifically he hates that Facebook makes you pay to reach an audience you built already.

So if you are paying for ads to get fans of your pages you then have to pay AGAIN to reach them.

It’s insane.

He built over 2 million “Likes” for his Dallas Mavericks fan page. Then Facebook wants him to PAY AGAIN to get in front them.

It’s the exact opposite way that Facebook was built to work in the beginning.

Facebook is behind the 8 ball now and has to please its owners (shareholders).

So putting ANY value in Likes is stupid and a severe waste of money.

In the next 12 months this is going to be even worse. There is a HUGE wash out coming for fan pages on facebook.

If you aren’t turning those “Likes” or “Fans” (or whatever other masturbatory name you give them) into LEADS then you are HOSED.

There is a simple solution.

We talked about it on the $100k/day facebook training the other day.

Here’s the replay to check it out

The replay is coming down Monday night at midnight so check it out before its gone.

Here’s my saying for facebook now:
“Fix your shit or lose it.”

Carnage is coming. Be ready.

Here’s the replay link again.

Talk soon,
Matt “Like Me Please” Trainer

P.S. I’m starting to believe that P.S.’s suck so I’m boycotting them for a while.

BUT…why not add another link here while I’m at it >>>>> Replay here

Likes are for losers

Likes Are For Losers

So you built a facebook fan page with thousands of “Likes”.


…you wasted your time and money.

I’ve been saying for over 3 years that facebook “likes” are for losers.

Its just masturbation in the end.

Go try to spend likes and see what it gets you. I’m sure your girlfriend will be impressed with your goofy number of likes but it’s total BS unless you do something about it.

On last night’s training Peter Parks agreed with me and told everyone exactly what to do with their fan pages to remedy that situation.

Here’s the real deal, if you don’t take the steps that Peter and I have been preaching then within the next year you will be HOSED by facebook.

So don’t come crying to me if you don’t heed this warning.

Go here now to see the replay of the $100k a day facebook training.

Stop creating bullshit “likes” and start creating WEALTH.

Check out the facebook training replay here

It gets taken down on Monday 23rd Dec midnight PST.

Talk soon,
Matt “Lots O’ Likes” Trainer

P.S. In tomorrow’s email I’ll tell the story of why one of the world’s most famous businessmen is at WAR with facebook. His insight is worth millions to those that listen. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

For now, check out the training replay before it gets taken down.

Yep it’s here >>>