Yep this is completely stupid.

Maybe one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done.

But it was fun and still makes me laugh.

Without further ado, here’s the video…

Talk soon,

Matt “Your Name Here” Trainer

P.S. Ah screw it, my ass is too sore to think of something clever to add to the P.S.

Watch the video again here >>>

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You know those days when you have a song stuck in your head?
Crazy Mary
All day today I’ve had “Crazy Mary” by Big Head Todd and the Monsters in my head.

It’s an amazing song…maybe the best ever.

Check it out on YouTube here

Haha! Now YOU will have it stuck in YOUR head!  :)

That song got me thinking today.

In the last year I’ve made a TON of changes in my life. I’ve restructured almost my entire life. Some of it was my decision to live more authentically. But, most of it was decided for me and that part sucked.


The worst part is having my entire circle of friends “restructured.”

Thing is, once I decided to start living the life I want to live, a lot of people didn’t get it.

Most still don’t. Change is hard for most people, especially wholesale changes. Sadly, in the end, most people will hate you if you start changing a lot of things about yourself. But that’s the ONLY way you will ever grow and live the life you want to live.

Change is required for success so embrace it.

Just don’t be surprised when people pull away from you.

The great thing is the universe has a magical way of putting you exactly where you are supposed to be. Your circle of influence is fluid and will change many times in your life. Every time its exactly what you need whether you know it or not.

The lyrics for Crazy Mary are all about embracing change.

At the risk of ripping off Nike…

Just do it. Troubles won’t pass you by, but someone will always have your back.

Talk soon,
Matt “Crazy Mary Won’t Get Out Of My Head” Trainer

P.S. One of the BIG changes I’ve made this year is embracing social media for my business, especially Instagram.

The results have been awesome. I owe it all to this amazing woman.

Forbes magazine recently said “Instagram is shaping up to be the world’s most powerful selling tool.”

From what I’ve seen I agree. Instagram is my new “secret” traffic source.

Get in now before the rush happens like what happened with Facebook a few years ago.

It’s still wide open on Instagram. Learn how to do it right >>>>>



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